Thrive is a movement of young Seventh-day Adventist’s who want to see our church be Thriving and ready for Jesus’ soon return – armed with a unique message, equipped to share and filled with a passion to show God’s love with a fallen world.

We are Adventist Youth who want to Thrive for Christ.


Thrive is about Training God’s Army, an army of Adventist Youth who are excited about sharing Christ and want to take the Three Angels’ Messages to a fallen and dying world. We believe that this is crucial and vital to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church, by Training the youth, we may fulfill God’s purpose for this final generation. It’s Time for Adventist young people to Thrive and go beyond the norm. We need to have an personal knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit and share that experience with others. God desires to Ignite our hearts with a passion for His service that He might use us for in building His kingdom. He is calling each one of us to Go, Rise and Build so we as a church may be ready for His soon coming. As we look forward to the realisation of this blessed hope, we earnestly pray: Lord Prepare My Heart that I might Thrive.